Bitcoin Writing and Video Tutorials

I have written a series of Bitcoin Development related blog posts for Packt Publishing. Currently only one has been published. Additionally, I created a video tutorial for deploying a Toshi Bitcoin Node with Docker on AWS.

I wrote a utilty to subscribe to WebSocket data feeds and display them in an in-browser console-like window. I've had to manually write code to inspect WebSocket data a few times, so I wrote this to make everyone's life easier.

The code can be found here.

Brainfuck Interpreters

I wrote Brainfuck interpreters in Ruby and JavaScript. It was a fun, simple brain teaser exercise for a challege.

Splaty (No longer active)

This is a simple project I threw together to practice deployment strategies. I used the Capistrano gem to help automate all of the configuration and deployment steps required to get the app up and running on AWS. Splaty is a paste-board site that allows you to use a command box to encrypt, decrypt and email the text you paste. You can choose any path on the site to paste your content (e.g. /123abc2da5df, /alex, /sat_study_material, etc.).

Kraken Ruby Gem

Kraken is a crypto-currency exchange based in San Francisco. I created a ruby gem to interface with their API.


Maply is an interactive, educational map built using d3.js. It is still in a very basic and early stage. My goal is to make an intuitive educational map of the world for people of all ages. I've always loved looking at maps to learn about the world and I'm building something I wish was available when I was younger.

I have started working on an international version of Maply, using React.js and d3. It is still in progress.

Modeling and Simulation of a Micro-helicopter in Wind

This was the final project for a graduate dynamics course I took. In this project, I developed a dynamic model for a micro-helicopter in wind and simulated the model in MATLAB. An animation from the simulation can be viewed here.

Wind Estimation Using Micro-helicopter

This was an undergraduate research paper I wrote while working at the Collective Dynamics and Control Laboratory at the University of Maryland, College Park. This lab is lead by Dr. Derek Paley, an extraordinary professor.

Joke On Call

This is just a fun site that tells you a new joke when you need it. It was one of my very first web projects.