I’m back in Japan now after traveling around Thailand and Cambodia with my parents. I’ll try to make some posts about that in the future, but this one will be about the last few days in Japan.

I decided to visit Osaka from Kyoto for a day trip, which turned out to be an excellent decision. The food culture here is incredible. After getting off the metro in Shinsaibashi, a sign caught the corner of my eye and I discovered a well-hidden ramen and fish-bowl place that was absolutely incredible. I ordered the salmon roe and egg fish bowl, which was served with a side of tofu and clam-miso soup.

Walking around downtown Osaka is exciting. There are endless rows of shops selling everything under the sun and all of the students seem to be walking around shopping and not in school.

My past two days have been spent exploring the more traditional city of Kyoto. Known for it’s Geisha’s, temples, and tea ceremonies, the city is a great place to spend some quiet time. The central river through the city is absolutely gorgeous in the fall. It’s perfect for running as well!

I head back to Tokyo later on the overnight bus where I have two more days before coming back to the U.S!