I’m spending the night in Kalaw, a hill-station town used by the British as a summer retreat. The town lies in the mountains at 1320m, just north-west of Inlay Lake. The fresh mountain breeze is very refreshing.

There is not much to do here, as most people come to the town as a starting point on a trek down to Inlay Lake. I’m just chilling here and spent some time walking around. The market is nothing to write home about, but seems to be part of the center of town.

There is only one main road lined with shops and restaurants. It’s a very quiet place.

There seems to be a small Indian population here, as there is a Sikh temple and a few Indian restaurants.

I ate at one of the Indian places and it was quite delicious. The proprietor said his parents were from south India, but he was born in Myanmar. 

It may not apply to this man’s situation, but I did learn that there are a large number of Indian people in Myanmar because they are descendants of Indian troops that came here during the era of British rule.