Everyone in Tokyo has to go out at least once. On Tuesday afternoon I ran into some people from California who I had met in the immigration line. They invited me to go out with them in Roppongi that night, so of course I took them up on it. 

We all went out together, along with some other people from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Holland and the UK. It was quite a fun group and we stayed out until 5am. Half of us went back to the hostel and the other half went to the fish market. I was truly impressed by their stamina.

The next day I wandered through Shinjuku and got a great bowl of Ramen. The restaurant had english translations on the menu and I couldn’t help but laugh at one of the dishes named “Jew’s Ear Ramen.” Although I was tempted to order this, I opted for the Nori Ramen instead.


After my meal, I headed to Harajuku - a neighborhood known for it’s cosplay contingent. Unfortunately, people only dress up on the weekends, so I’m going to have to go back in a few days to see the groups of people who imitate their favorite characters from TV shows and Manga comics.

As I headed into Harajuku, I ran into the Dutch and British friends I had gone out with the night before. They were with some Japanese people handing out free hugs, so I decided to join in on the fun. Within 3 minutes I had given out about 5 hugs, which I’d classify as a successful hugging spree. 


The funniest hug was from an odd, little old man. His hug lasted quite a while, nearing that line where hugs stop being friendly and just become awkward.


After we were hugged out, we walked around Harajuku and saw quite a lot. I’ll write a separate post to include the photos from the rest of the day.